Blog Hosting Moved Back to Wordpress

One of the things that I often concern myself with is computer security. Anyone who has read my blog probably sees that. I have recently decided that since I don't really have the time to manage my blog internally that I should just let Wordpress work it's magic. All of my blog entries were already on the Wordpress blog so all I had to do was setup the redirect. I made sure to add the redirect for not only the blog itself but the RSS feeds as well. With any luck I'll start adding more content to my blog, but I have been quite busy with work as of late.

Anyway, hopefully this change will improve the security of my website as I will not have the beast that is the Wordpress engine sitting there unpatched :) .

Site Finally Live

I was finally able to finish my work on the site! It might have been up sooner, but I had to proof read everything and touch up some minor issues. Please let me know if you find any issues with the site! Thanks!

Resume Posted

For the past few days I have been working on getting my resume in a web friendly format. I finally have it posted under the resume section of the site. Simply click the "resume" link in the top navigation to have a look at it. I also have it available for download in both PDF and Word (.doc) formats for your convenience.

Check Out My Blog

A year ago I started a wordpress blog and to this day I still write in it when I have the chance. Normally I find myself writing about the latest news in technology or my new favorite feature of the language I am programming in at the time. At any rate it's a great place to find out what I am up to. I enjoy writing about technology and the blog is a fine place to jot down my thoughts and musings about what is happening in my digital life.

First Post To the New Site

Hey everyone! Welcome to Jintoreedwine.com. This is simply a personal website where I started to list the on-goings of my adventures with programming and the internet. For now I'm not entirely sure what this site will evolve in to, but I wanted to at least get the basics in place and see where it goes from there. At the very least it has given me some practical experience with PHP, HTML, CSS, and XML. Many things will be changing since I just got the site up and running, but I hope you enjoy what is here!
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