Platform(s): Windows/Linux/MacOS
More Information: http://sourceforge.net/projects/spheriosity
Download Link: SourceForge Download Page

Spheriosity is a program that I created to model spherical geometry. It was designed to help students gather a better understanding of the topic. Therefore it exists, primarily, as a learning tool. Spheriosity is written in Java and uses the Java3D libraries to handle the rendering of the sphere.


Platform(s): Linux
More Information: http://jintoreedwine.wordpress.com/2009/05/19/latex-beamer-theme-previews/
Download Link: beamerizer.tar.gz

Beamerizer is a little python script which can be used to render a LaTeX beamer document in every possible theme on your system. I created this tool because I can never decide what theme on want to use for my beamer presentations and changing the theme around to try each one takes too long. This way I can just consider all the options at once and choose the best one.

Rocks -- One Dimensional Asteroids

Platform(s): Linux
More Information: http://jintoreedwine.com/blog/?p=201
Download Link: rocks.tar.gz

Rocks is, as the title describes, one dimensional asteroids. This means that you play rocks on a line. Asteroids can come at you either from the left or the right and you can fire bullets either to the left or two the right. The entire game started as a bit of a joke, but it turned out to be a fun way to kill some time. To further increase the humor I decided to code it up as a terminal application that uses ncurses.


Platform(s): Linux
More Information: http://jintoreedwine.com/blog/?p=57
Download Link: wiscan.pl

wiscan is a small perl script that is meant to rearrange the output from the command 'iwlist scan' in a more easy to read format if one is simply interested in what networks are available and what single strength they have. This script was simply created a utility to help me connect my laptop to various wireless networks so I figured I would post it on the internet. I don't heavily support this so if it works... well great and if not, send me an e-mail and I'll try and fix it if I've got the time.
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